As most of you know, Antlers Motel has been around for many years; yes, we are talking late 1940s, maybe early 1950s. The photo above shows what it looked like back then. The official name of the motel was called Albrecht’s Motel. If you notice in the photo, it was comprised of little cabins. The Albrecht family owned and operated it for many years. When the parents retired, the oldest daughter Lorraine married Warren Olson and brought the property from her parents. In the late 1950s or early ’60s, the motel was razed, and a new building was built. The owners wanted to make it their own motel by changing the name to ANTLERS MOTEL. Many people ask why they named it Antlers...what was the reason behind it? Well…back in the ’60s, Antlers Motel was the only motel at the junction of Hwy. 12 and Hwy. 53, only surrounded by open fields. They wanted to be noticed in the telephone book by being the first one listed, plus Lorraine's dad was a big elk and deer hunter.

Antlers Motel has only been owned by two owners: Warren and Lorraine Olson from 1950 to 1994, then Kelly and Mary Steinmetz from 1994 to the present.

The 1950s/1960s:


The present:

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